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Color discovery and analysis app for designers, photographers and people who work with color. A bit like a color picker on steroids.

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What is Colordrop?

Colordrop is the best way to get detailed and accurate color information without any specialist hardware, just your photo library, device camera, or Creative Cloud library. Extract colors by skimming over a photo with your finger, and letting go to save. Then, inspect the color. Explore vast amounts of color data - RGB values, complementary colors, shades, similar colors - on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Colors can also be saved manually by entering a color code, and shared with fellow Colordrop users, or via PDF export.

Download Colordrop on the App Store now. It's normally $0.99 on the App Store, but promo codes are available on request.

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Key Features

Pricing and Availability

Colordrop is available on the App Store worldwide for a one-off price of $0.99 (£0.79). There are no in-app purchases, subscriptions, or ads.

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Created by...

George Jones. A student developer based in the United Kingdom. Why the American spellings? Not really sure.


Here's some screenshots of Colordrop. Use them however you want, just right click and save to get them at full resolution.

Colordrop supports iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.



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Even More

The Colordrop Press Kit is also available on Dropbox. It also contains some videos (although a little outdated!) and additional information in PDF form.

Dropbox Press Kit

Colordrop for iOS and Apple Watch

Colordrop for iOS & Apple Watch

Requires iOS 8.1 or newer.
Colordrop for Apple Watch requires watchOS 2 or newer.