Colordrop 2

Colordrop 2 is the easiest way to capture and inspect the colors in your photos.

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Capture Anywhere

Capture colors from anything you can imagine with the most powerful color tool on iOS. Deep integration with Creative Cloud® means you can even capture colors from your color themes, PSD files, sketches, and more.

Color Loupe

Quickly preview the current color using the Color Loupe, which updates dynamically when you hover over a photo.

Color loupe

Creative Cloud Connected

You can import your colors, color themes, photos, PSDs, assets and more directly in to Colordrop to capture colors.

Creative Cloud integration

Explore your Colors

Colordrop is packed with features for both professionals and new users. From detailed color space information and accessibility tools, to elementary information such as shades and similar colors. There's something for everyone.

From the basics

Complementary colors, shades, tints and more – just some of the color information available in Colordrop 2.

Basic color information

To the advanced

View equivalent values for over ten different color spaces in Colordrop 2. From RGB and CYMK, to Lab, YIQ and more.

Color spaces


Make sure your designs are inclusive. Check contrast and how your colors look to people with color blindness.

Color accessibility features

On Apple Watch

Your colors are just a wrist turn away. View all of your colors on Apple Watch, and get basic information about them too.

Apple Watch app

And so much more

Colordrop 2 is a complete redesign of the original Colordrop app. It includes support for the latest technologies, including Drag and Drop on iPad; a great app extension for capturing colors from almost any app; integration with Search; 3D Touch; and, iCloud sync. Download Colordrop today to discover more.

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Colordrop 2

No subscriptions. Just exclusively on the App Store.

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Available now

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