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The most advanced color analysis app on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch: capture and explore colors in precise detail.

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If you work with color, this is definitely worth checking out.

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Colordrop supports iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Colordrop brings the world of color to the fingertips.

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Capture Colors

Extract colors from your photos by skimming over them with your finger. You can open a photo from your Photo Library, take one with the camera, import from your Adobe Creative Cloud libraries, or paste from the clipboard.

Use the Extract tab or app extension to extract colors from photos. The Color Loupe shows you a preview of the color you're skimming over, as well as its RGB values and color code.

Easily import colors using the .Colordrop file format; or open a photo, Photoshop file (PSD), or color from Creative Cloud. You can even extract individual PSD layers on iPad.

Save colors manually to Colordrop by typing in a color code. You'll see a handy preview of the color, and, you can also use Handoff to save the color on a different device.

Explore Colors

Whether you're a design professional or just getting started with color, Colordrop shows a broad range of color details: from shades to advanced color space values.

Color List
The Extracted Colors List in Colordrop displays a vibrant list of all your saved colors. Tap on one to inspect it, or swipe to copy its color code or delete it.

Color Spaces
For more experienced users, Colordrop shows a range of values from 10 different color spaces. From RGB and print-friendly CMYK, to HSL and CIE-LAB.

Similar Colors
Colordrop shows a range of similar colors to the one you're looking at. Up to 10 tints and shades, as well as 3 "Closest Colors", including RAL and web safe.

Colordrop for iOS and Apple Watch

Colordrop for iOS & Apple Watch

Requires iOS 8.1 or newer.
Colordrop for Apple Watch requires watchOS 2 or newer.

A must-have for finding a precise color when working on graphics.



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